Vol 2, No 1 (2017): International Journal of the Whole Child

The mission of the International Journal of the Whole Child is to provide both the researcher and the practitioner communities with current data as well as to illustrate real-life examples of “best practices.” 


“Best practices” refer to learning strategies that engage the whole child. This means each child is respected as unique in their own person and as well, regarded as members of larger communities. Building upon the cognitive and affective dimensions of child development, IJWC content respects children’s creativity, problem-solving, and inquiry. In order to move forward and connect theory with practice, IJWC authorship includes researchers, community representatives, and classroom teachers.


In this third publication, in addition to quality manuscripts, IJWC introduces a new section titled “Tech Talk.” As you recall, in the second issue, Volume 1, No. 2, a new column was introduced titled “Book Review.” In reflecting upon the needs of the IJWC reader, the editorial team expanded this critical review to include, in addition to books, a range of technical and media information. In the future, we look forward to hearing from our readers in identifying apps, websites, YouTube videos, movies, games, and other technical and media alternatives to invite children to engage in innovative learning.

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