Journals@MTSU is built on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) journal management software by the PKP and is designed to facilitate the development of open access, peer-reviewed publishing.

Walker Library offers free journal hosting services to members of the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) community. All of the journals we service are digital and open access—free to read online . Walker Library's Digital Scholarship Initiatives established this journal hosting program to meet the needs and support the mission, values and vision of the university. Journal Hosting Options: Scholarly journals vary by size, content and mission. Walker Library provides journal editors with the technical infrastructure to publish journals on their choice of two platforms: 1. JEWLScholar, MTSU’s institutional repository, will make journals visible to a global audience and assures long-term preservation. This option is appropriate for journals that do not need editorial software for workflow procedures, but want permanent, open access and dependable archiving of the journal content. 2. Open Access Journals, Journals@MTSU uses the Open Journal System (OJS) software to not only make journals visible while assuring its preservation, but also supports the entire editorial management workflow (article submission, peer-review, indexing). This option is for journals that have a stable editorial team and usually publish scholarly content on a regular basis. To learn more about open access journal publishing please visit our Journal Hosting Guide and to sign up for Journals@MTSU, use the Sign Up Form. For a current list of journals hosted by Walker Library, please view the titles below:


  • Journal for Economic Educators

    The Journal for Economic Educators publishes articles of interest to teachers of Economics and Finance from high school through doctoral degree levels.
    ISSN 2688-5956 (online)

  • Tennessee Communication Association Journal

    The annual journal of the Tennessee Communication Association. Formerly known as the Tennessee Communication Speech Association Journal.
    ISSN 0890-6394 (print)

  • Off Center: A Creative Magazine for the MTSU Community

    Off Center provides publication opportunities to campus-affiliated poets, writers, and artists and is sponsored by the MTSU University Writing Center.
    ISSN 2475-9775 (print)
    ISSN 2475-9805 (online)

  • Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression

    To view Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression, please visit it's homepage in JEWLScholar, the insitutional repository.
    ISSN 2470-3451 (print)
    ISSN 2470-3494 (online)

  • International Journal of the Whole Child

    The mission of the International Journal of the Whole Child is to publish scholarly manuscripts describing how children's learning and development are integrated with the intellectual, social/emotional, and physical dimensions for the child from birth to age 12. 
    ISSN 2474-297X (online)  

  • Journal of Small Business Strategy

    The Journal of Small Business Strategy publishes high-quality, applied research on topics related to entrepreneurship and small business. The Journal stresses strategy across all functional areas.
    ISSN 1085-8510 (Print)
    ISSN 2380-1751 (Online)

  • Passport: The Newsletter of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Review

    To view this journal, please visit its homepage in JEWLScholar, the MTSU insitutional repository.
    ISSN 1949-9760 (print)
    ISSN 2472-3908 (online)

  • Scientia et Humanitas

    MTSU's Journal of Student Research
    ISSN 2470-8127 (print)
    ISSN 2470-8178 (online)