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Vol. 7 (2022): Off Center

A Letter From the Editors
For Such a Time as This

In one of the more famous Bible stories, Esther, after seeing her country
overtaken by Persia, is turned into a queen, at which point her uncle says,
“Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as
this?” (Esther 4:14, NKJV). This is a story of great resilience in a time of
turmoil, ending with the restoration of the Jewish nation thanks to the work
of Esther from her place in the royal palace.

The writers who have contributed their artistry to this edition of Off
Center have been through a lot. Whether they are students in their early
twenties or fathers and mothers of older children, the last few years have
displayed levels of upheaval not seen for nearly half a century, whether it be
political, social, biological, or militant. Many, when faced with such
circumstances, would be apt to throw in the towel and ride out the tragedies
of the modern world. Some, however, like those whose material one will
find in this magazine, have fought through it all, producing lovely works
which encompass the many emotions which can come into being on a dayto-
day basis while also showing nuanced reflection upon those things which
have been instrumental in their present person.

What is clear through all of this material, however, is that no matter how
horrid the world can get, there will always be resilience. It is when the day is
foggy and the storms of politics are at their worst that the color and
sunshine of art are needed most. Although there may be discussion of loss,
of heartbreak, or even of death, each piece reflects a step towards a future
where the mistakes of the past become the building blocks of a greater
person. Mistakes are a part of life; it is what we do with them that makes us

As we hopefully see the slowly-approaching end to the COVID-19
pandemic and the rise of political tension across the world, it is tempting to
believe that we are being robbed of our present life and, perhaps, even of
our future. Instead, however, the works within this magazine tell a story of
recognition and belief in a better outcome than just the tragedy of the
current stage of the world through a reflection on what is most important
in life: love, family, and truth. We are all products of what we have gone
through, but perhaps we, too, have been born for such a time as this.

Your Editors,

Kelsey Talbott and Nash Meade

Published: 2022-05-09

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