Lessons for Small Business: Incentive Health Care and Risk Rating Practices


  • Suzanne Milburn State of Kansas
  • Ray D. Siehndel Washburn University
  • Joe Singer University of Missouri - Kansas City


As the health care system reform debate  continues, the central challenge of bringing nearly 38 million uninsured American workers under a quality health care plan remains the goal. Another objective that remains clear is that the plan to be implemented will follow the employer-based model which Americans' employers have crafted for over fifty  years.  Small business owners will be mandated to provide health insurance  to all  workers,  including  those who work part-time. This paper examines the health care incentive measures and risk rating practices perceived to be effective cost  control mechanisms for small business firms. Conclusions concerning a  well-designed  incentive program  are offered  within  the context  of the  Americans   With Disabilities  Act.


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