Top Management International Orientation and Small Business Exporting Performance: The Moderating Roles of Export Market & Industry Factors


  • Franz T. Lohrke University of South Flordia
  • Geralyn McClure Franklin The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
  • Vinay B. Kothari Stephen F. Austin State University


This study examined the relationship between top management team international orientation and small business export performance. Results generally supported the hypotheses that market and industry factors moderate this relationship. Employing a sample of U.S. small business exporters, the study found that top management team international orientation had a greater positive relationship with export performance for firms exporting to countries culturally different and geographically distant from their home country than those exporting to countries culturally similar and geographically proximate to their home countries. In addition, international orientation had a greater positive relationship with export performance for firms competing in multidomestic industries than those competing in global industries.


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