Barter: A Small Business Strategic Option In A Weak Economy


  • Matthew C. Sonfield Hofstra University


This article probes the currently growing phenomenon of barter as a small business strategic tool. First, the concept of a barter exchange is explained, and the mechanics of small business membership in such exchanges are described. This is followed by a review of the literature, which indicates minimal academic analysis of this phenomenon. The research methodology of this study, involving a two-stage series of in-depth telephone interviews with owners, managers and small business members of barter exchanges, is then described. The research findings are then presented and are used to generate a set of specific guidelines for the small business owner/manager considering membership in a barter exchange. These guidelines answer the q1umions: "Will barter be applicable and beneficial for my company?"  "How should  I choose a barter exchange?"  "How can I fully benefit from barter exchange membership?"


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