On Students’ Perception Of A Multi-Scheme Assessment Method


  • Ambrose Leung
  • Cheryl A. Kier


The discipline of economics has the reputation of being abstract and difficult to understand.  Students’ perceptions about the course and its assessment methods may affect their learning strategies and outcomes.  A flexible grading scheme (in terms of weights assigned to different assessment components) may help to reduce anxiety about the course, leading to improved performance and higher satisfaction.  The present study reports on the implementation of such a flexible grading scheme. Students in five introductory economics classes received their final course grade based on one of three grading schemes that gave them the highest mark. An 11-item satisfaction survey assessed students’ perceptions about the flexible marking scheme.  Students expressed a preference for flexibility over a more traditional, fixed marking scheme. This has implications for other courses that create anxiety among students and has the potential to improve students’ experiences at post-secondary institutions.