Long-Run Economic Growth And Policy: A Case About Mali


  • Derek Stimel


A short case about long-run economic growth issues in the African nation of Mali is presented. Issues discussed in the case include challenges related to Mali’s education system, investment, and trade. Basic facts and statistics about Mali are provided. Analysis of public policy issues and the inherent challenge of extreme poverty are natural outgrowths of the case. The case serves as a foundation for in-class discussion or a take home assignment. The basic case objective is to add real-world context to what can often be a very technical presentation of growth issues. Though designed for a principles of macroeconomics course, the case would also be appropriate for a development course or an international economics course. In addition to the case itself, comments on preparation for teaching the case, conducting discussion related to the case, and possible assignments to go with the case are provided. Also, a brief motivation for using cases in principles of macroeconomics is provided.


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