The Benefits of the SBI Program: Perceptions of Former Students


  • Gwen Fontenot Ernst & Young
  • Michelle Haarhues University of North Texas
  • Lynn Hoffman University of Northern Colorado


This study focuses on an evaluation of former students' perceptions of the skills gained when serving as a consultant on an SBI case.  The SBI course was compared to the capstone (Policy) course in an effort to determine the effectiveness of  the SBI course in enhancing specific skills in the students.

By comparison, students found the Policy course to be more effective in developing analytical skills and to be more useful in their careers than the SBI course. On the other hand, the SBI course was perceived to be more effective in developing  interpersonal skills and  operational skills than the Policy course.


The SBI course was found to be effective in developing analytical skills, operational skills, and interpersonal skills. Students also recommended the SBI course for other business students and found the course to be useful to them in their careers.



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