Mental Health of Youth Athletes and the Role of Coaches


  • Chandler Coley
  • Tiffany Wilson


It is no secret technology has had a profound impact on shaping the twenty-first century. Computers are thinner, TVs are bigger, and shopping can be done from the comfort of one’s living room. Despite all these changes, one thing that has remained constant is people’s love of sports. Whether it was to watch the game, the commercials, or the halftime shows, the 2024 Super Bowl set the record as the most viewed telecast of all time with the 2023 Super Bowl being the previous record holder. Among these viewers were children across the country with dreams of playing in their own Super Bowl, World Series, WNBA/NBA Finals, or World Cup. To achieve these dreams, coaches can play a significant role in helping youth athletes develop mental and physical stamina to compete in sports at the highest level.






Children and Families: Health and Wellness