Learning Doesn’t STEM from Worksheets: Why STEM Learning Starts Beyond Paper and Pencil Tasks


  • Rebecca Horrace
  • Brian Stone


The authors of this article explore the use of worksheets in STEM classrooms. This is viewed through the specific lens of a whole-child, constructivist approach, which suggests that learning is an active process where learners are challenged, and problems are solved through exploration and play. Worksheets create an environment where learners are seeking the answers from the teacher as opposed to creating space where students initiate learning. The authors discuss The National Science Teaching Associations three-dimensional teaching which supports learning through real world applications, engagement that moves from curiosity to interest to reason, and exploration of science, driven by student interest. Furthermore, allowing learners to truly play will help develop a sense of ownership throughout their learning. Finally, the current educational practices that rely heavily on worksheets are doing a disservice to learners and the environment. Moving towards activities that support investigation, experience, and student driven learning will create learners who ask questions and seek answers all around them.


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