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A Bear Far from Home

Written by Susan Fletcher

Illustrated by Rebecca Green

Anne Schwartz Books, 2022

ISBN 978-0-593-18189-8


A snowy white polar bear lives joyfully and moves freely in frigid Norway. . . until the day that everything changes. Suddenly, the bear’s days of romping through snow and swimming in icy waters are over.  The bear is trapped, caged, and shipped off to a foreign land; presented as a gift from the King of Norway to the King of England. Based on historical documents from 13th century Europe, this beautifully illustrated picture book introduces young readers to the menagerie of animals, creatures from all corners of the world, that were kept at the Tower of London. The poignant text points to the sad captivity faced by one bear, but fortunately, also leaves readers with a sense of hopefulness, when the King of England orders that the bear be allowed to swim and fish in the river each day. This compelling storyline has historical moorings and could serve as a powerful tool for learning about animal rights and humane education. Ages 4-8.






Page Turners: Books for Children