Implementing Phonological Awareness in Saudi Arabia Kindergarten


  • Riham Alsultan


Arabic phonological awareness, rhythm, syllables, rhymes, kindergarten students, Whole Language Theory, Saudia Arabia literacy skills


Phonological awareness (PA) is a word that has recently gained currency in the field of early literacy instruction. There is a large corpus of research on how to teach PA to young language learners. In spite of these relevant data, there is a dearth of literacy information on PA in Arabic, especially targeting Saudi students. The focus of this discussion is to describe how to introduce phonological awareness activities into the curriculum to benefit kindergarten-aged Arabic speakers in Saudi Arabia. In addition, this research review describes PA abilities and the significance of rhymes, rhythms, and syllables. Finally, this paper will also provide examples illustrating how Saudi teachers may use the holistic language theory (i.e., whole language approach) to implement PA through the use of games, songs, and storyboards comprised of rhymes, rhythms, and syllables. The implications suggest PA is essential for young Saudi learners’ mastery of reading, speaking, and learning Arabic.