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Possible Selves of Pre-service Elementary School Teachers in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Sequential Explanatory Mixed Method Study


  • Ceyhun Kavrayici


children, elementary education, possible selves, pre-service teachers, covid-19 pandemic


The authors of this study utilized the possible selves theory to examine pre-service elementary school teachers’ understanding of their future potential and its effects on their future orientations. Possible selves theory describes a person’s understanding of themselves in the future based on an understanding of their past and present self. The findings of this study suggest that pre-service teachers have confidence in the teaching profession (professionalism) and expect a collaborative environment (learning to teach). Additionally, they are not afraid of being an uncaring or boring teacher. However, due to the limitations of online learning, they do worry about classroom management. Continued development of pre-service teacher practicum/ observation as well as support in technology and management is necessary for the development of pre-service teacher skills.