Designing Clothing Patterns to Promote Fine Motor Skills: A Research and Development Project


  • Usep Kustiawan
  • Rosyi Damayani T. Maningtyas
  • Arda Purnama Putra
  • Ayu Asmah


Clothing Patterns, Simple Sewing, Early Childhood Fine Motor Skills


Early childhood provides an opportunity for teachers to stimulate, guide, nurture, and plan learning experiences that are helpful in supporting children's abilities and skills. Presently, there is a need for more and varied experiences that are attractive and engaging for children. In this project, teachers provide learning experiences to nurture children’s emerging abilities in fine motor skills. The purpose of this exploratory research and development project is to effectively design clothing patterns in order for children to engage in simple sewing experiences as an effective instructional medium for developing children’s fine motor skills. In addition, it is
important to consider the product development as well as the method when designing experiences for young children.


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