Instances of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Among the Young in Turkey


  • Simel Parlak
  • Azize Nilgün Canel


The aim of this research was to find out the origin and emotional and intellectual process of violence among young people. Interpretative phenomenological analysis method was used in the research. In-depth interviews were held with young adolescents and emerging adults that have committed violence to reveal their experiences of perpetrating violence, thoughts and sensations that could lay the groundwork for emergence of violence in this age group. The study group consisted of fifteen young adolescents and emerging adults. As a result of the interpretive phenomenological analysis using MAXQDA computer program, three study themes were obtained: 1) Childhood experiences 2) Relationship with partner and occurrence of violence, 3) Post-violence experiences. According to the young adolescents and emerging adults who have committed intimate partner violence; intimate partner violence was triggered by jealousy, mistrust, uncontrolled anger, and desire to control the partner's life.






Children and Families: Health and Wellness