Striving from the Margins During COVID-19: One Family's Experience Advocating for their Middle School E-learner


  • S. Renée Jones


In order for children to succeed, access to quality education is an imperative. Education can be used as a means of changing or challenging the problems of the world. Many countries support with legal force the notion of education as a human right. COVID-19 brings to the surface and spotlights a history of educational inequities in the United States. This article highlights one family’s struggle to ensure their middle schooler receives a quality education. In spite of Covid-19, the marginalization that is a daily part of a Black child’s life should not impede the educational progress of the student. Middle school can be a challenging time for many students and can be fraught with additional struggles or barriers for marginalized children. It is incumbent upon school systems to work with families to mitigate the adverse consequences of learning during COVID-19; in particular, for a marginalized child, the costs could be catastrophic and far reaching.






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