Spring 2020 Updates


  • Tiffany Wilson


For the new column, “Emerging Professional,” the IJWC editorial team invites students (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels) to submit papers including problem resolutions, literature reviews, and research designs (qualitative or quantitative). The topic choices remain broad with the primary focus on how this content supports all children’s holistic learning and development. IJWC editors remain committed to providing student-authors with relevant, productive and concrete feedback. Importantly, a student may identify additional authors; the key factor is for the student to be “first author.” The IJWC mission remains committed to promoting an understanding of holistic learning and development for all children.  In particular, IJWC editors believe by supporting student authors with modeling, feedback, and mentoring, IJWC strengthens and extends understanding, recognition, and implementation of “best practices” into the next generation of educational professionals and child advocates.

How to Submit a Student Paper In order to target the “Emerging Professional” column and to distinguish your paper as a “student submission,” merely identify “Emerging Professional” at the top of your document. In this way, the manuscript will be forwarded to the appropriate editors committed to supporting emerging scholars.

If you have any questions regarding this particular process, contact tiffany.wilson@mtsu.edu  See you in the 2020 IJWC Fall issue!