Using Edtech to Enhance Learning


  • Brianna Donahoe
  • Derrian Rickard
  • Hunter Holden
  • Kerra Blackwell
  • Nancy Caukin


Allowing students to use technology in the classroom has been increasingly more popular as technology advances and becomes more ubiquitous. However, many educators wrestle several aspects of edtech, including, how to start using edtech (Caukin, 2018), when to use edtech
(National Education Technology Plan [NETP], 2017), how to incorporate it without creating more distractions for students (Thomas, 2019), and ways that edtech can move students towards higher levels of thinking (Caukin & Trail, 2019). It is important for educators to provide opportunities for students to not only participate in effective and meaningful learning experiences, but also engage them, sustain their attention, and assess them in a variety of ways, all of which edtech can provide (NETP, 2017).