Say ‘Ahhh!’: Looking into Open Educational Resources at Middle Tennessee State University


  • Caroline LaPlue


This essay delves into the role and potential future impact of Open Education Resources (OER) at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) amidst the changing landscape of U.S. higher education. The discussion highlights national examples of engagement with OER, emphasizing its importance in creating accessible and equitable educational experiences. This sheds light on the practicalities of OER projects at MTSU and suggests ideas for institutional change.

The author uses an ecological framework to examine how OER integrates within the educational ecosystem, emphasizing the need for robust support structures for sustainability. The advantages of OER are also addressed, such as cost reduction and more customized teaching materials, while acknowledging challenges like maintaining resource quality.

Tennessee, MTSU, and the local student body would benefit from stronger institutional and statewide commitments to supporting OER, an initiative that is crucial to making education more inclusive and responsive to future needs, thus contributing to a more
equitable learning environment.