This journal is no longer accepting submissions as of May 2024.

The submission guidelines are only for archival preservation:

The OpenPhilately Style Guidelines are designed to provide guidance to authors writing articles or reviews for publication. It aims to ensure that the journal’s content have a consistent style.

OpenPhilately publishes original materials in a variety of formats, such as full research articles, shorter length feature articles, book, website, and social media reviews, and philatelic exhibits. Except for exhibits, all materials must not have been previously published. Please contact the editor if you have a format that is outside of these areas.


  • Articles and reviews must be written in American English.
  • Submit articles to the Editor via email. Articles should be in MS Word, double-spaced, with 12pt Georgia font. Include the article title and the author’s name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and email address at the top of the first page.
  • Submit exhibits in PDF format.
  • For a style guide, OpenPhilately uses the Chicago Manual of Style (16th or 17th edition). Endnotes and bibliography format. Do not use Word's Endnote or footnote function. 
  • Do not number the text lines. 
  • Minimum of 200 dpi for charts and graphs and 300 dpi for photos. Please submit charts, graphs, and photos as separate files. Indicate within the body of the text where each one should be located along with the caption text. 
  • All material must be original and any permissions or copyright for charts, images, or photographs must be secured by the author before submitting to the journal. Copies of any copyright permissions obtained should be submitted at the same time as the content.

Content Length

  • Full-Length research articles: Maximum length 6,000 words (not including images and image captions).
  • Feature articles: Maximum length 2,000 words (not including images and image captions).
  • Reviews: Maximum length 1,000 words (not including images and image captions).
  • Exhibits: Maximum length 16 pages or the equivalent of a one frame exhibit.