ERP System Solutions for Small Companies: Readiness & Selection


  • Muhammad A. Razi Western Michigan University
  • J. Michael Tarn Western Michigan University


Over the past decade almost all of major businesses in the US have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to run daily business operations.  However, a complex ERP system, if not implemented properly,  can easily disrupt, or sometimes cripple, the flow  of the manufacturing  and other operations.  While large organizations  are in a  unique position  to implement  a good     RP  system,  most  small  companies  cannot  afford  the acquisition  and implementation cost of a big name ERP system. Therefore, smaller organizations rely on vendors with affordable, but not necessarily proven, ERP systems. To help small businesses avoid implementation problems and system glitches after ERP implementation, two proactive initiaves are recommended. ERP readiness and ERP selection. This article organizes a checklist for each initiative so that small companies are better prepared to overcome implementation challenges and their expectations are more aligned with the norm of an ERP implementation.


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