An Analysis of the Motivational Factors of Intending Entrepreneurs


  • Richard DeMartino Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Robert Barbato Rochester Institute of Technology


This study compares men  and  women,  who  intend  to become  entrepreneurs.    Intending entrepreneurs  who  have graduated  with  an  MBA from a  top  tier  Business  School  were compared to mitigate differences in backgrounds. Intending  entrepreneurs are compared to non-entrepreneurs for both men and women. The study focuses on career motivators of intending  entrepreneurs  and  the findings   both support  and  refute previous   literature.   Among the findings: intending women were not more dissatisfied with their careers, and they did possess different career motivators and intentions than women  who  did  not  indicate  an intention to become entrepreneurs. The difference  between  intending  and  non-intending women  matched  a similar pattern  between intending and non-intending  men.


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