Small Business Enterprise and Development: Consultation Modes


  • John H. M. Ellis Bournemouth University
  • Julia A. Kiely Bournemouth University


By  means  of four   illustrative  case studies,  consultation  interventions  in small  and  medium sized  (SMEs)  enterprises  are  explored     Recognized  consultation  intervention  modes  of 'expert ',  'doctor-patient' and  'process  consultation'  are found  to fluctuate  rapidly  within each case st11dy, making apparent the need for  consultants to be flexible  and adopt an appropriate stance for  client and contingencies of the situation.  The permeability  of the boundaries between content and process issues, with diagnosis and intervention inter-woven, is also apparent. The article concludes with a consideration of the conditions for success for different consultation modes with small businesses and implications for small businesses and enterprise development in their use of consultants.


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