The New Kid on the Block for Small Business Success: Ethics?*


  • Harriet Buckman Stephenson Seattle University
  • Deborah Kahle Thomas Management Corporation, Missoula, Montana


"By the year 2000, small businesses will be the major growth machine of the U.S. economy, providing a multitude of benefits in the forms of personal independence, financial rewards, and economic dynamism" (Anwar & Stahlecker, 1989). Small businesses now account for 40% of the GNP and create approximately 70% of the new jobs in the U.S ., yet the majority' of all small businesses fail  within a few  short years (Polansky ).

The most common reasons given for these failures are management incompetence, poor or no planning and the inability to secure financing. For the first time, however, a study of factors important to success of small business places ethics in the workplace high on the list.


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