Becoming a Small Business Owner: The Hispanic Experience


  • Howard D. Feldman University of Portland
  • Julio de Castro University of Colorado
  • Thomas Dean University of Tennessee
  • Karen Vaught-Alexander University of Portland


This study examined the paths to ownership, demographic characteristics, incubator organizations, motivations and attitudes, and start-up experiences of a sample of 92 Hispanic business owners. Results were compared with Cooper, Dunkelberg. Woo and Dennis' s 1990 study examining alternative paths to ownership  of a predominantly non-minority sample of owner-managers. The results indicate 85 .7% of Hispanic business owners started their own firm , as opposed  to 63.6% in the Cooper, et al. study. Several differences were also found in their ownership profile including: the availability of parents as role models, the age when they became owners , industry representation, education , and the sources of funding  available to them.


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