Are Small Business Owners Using Performance Appraisals to Their Full Potential? An Exploratory Study

  • Anne M. Fiedler Barry University
  • Eddie Daghestani Barry University


Recent articles have discussed the importance of the effective use of performance appraisals and creative ways that corporate America is using these tools to increase their managerial effectiveness. However, the study of the actual use of performance appraisals in  small businesses has received little attention. This exploratory study  examines  the  appraisal process within these organizations. Small business owners were randomly  surveyed  to discover who did the appraisals, how frequently they were done, what  dimensions  were deemed important, and what corrective actions were taken by the employer. Findings suggest that while small business owners realize that they should conduct some type of employee evaluation, they do not see the importance of incorporating a formal evaluation process into their management strategy. Guidelines are proposed for small business  owners for  the effective use of performance  appraisals.


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