Financial Management for Self-Employed Owners


  • Youness Alizadeh Southern Cross University
  • Geoffrey G. Meredith Southern Cross University


Self-employment enterprises play an important role in employment creation, investment and economic growth  Enterprises operated by the self-employed persons are the most common form of business establishment across all sectors of the Australian economy with the majority operating in retail, services and construct ion industries  Past Australian small business studies have been based on the data collected from small business enterprises - not self-employment: This paper reports on the study concentrating specifically on self-employment enterprises and their owners use of financial  information   Financial  information systems used by small business enterprises were reviewed to develop a model of financial  information systems specifically applicable to self-employment   Several propositions  were developed from  the model.  These propositions address relationships between self-employed enterprises 'financial information needs and accounting information systems used to provide such information.


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