Factors that Restrict Exports of Small and Medium-sized Firms: The role of Export Financing


  • Charlie E. Mahone, Jr. Howard University


The purpose  of this study, based on a survey of 354 Florida  companies, was to assess factors that limit exports, with particular focus on the different types of export financing that were the most difficult to obtain and the most used . Statistical analysis was used to determine the significance of responses given by different sized firms.  Four of the top five factors  that limited the ability to export were related either to the lack of available information on export opportunities or the unavailability of export financing . Foreign buyer credit and  various  unsecured  loans  were  the most difficult to obtain , while commercial letters of credit  were the most used . Public and private sector policymakers need to reevaluate their own export promotion  programs  and  make  the changes  necessary  to eliminate  the  various  obstacles  to exporting .


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