Re-Examining Firm Size and Exporting: An Empirical Analysis of South Carolina Firms


  • J. Kent Poff North Georgia College & State University
  • Kirk C. Heriot Columbus State University
  • Noel D. Campbell University of Central Arkansas


Mittlelstaedt, Harben, and Ward (2003) and Wolff and Pett (2000) offer contradictory evidence on the impact of firm size (by employment) and the propensity to export. Using a data set very similar to that of Mittelstaedt et al., we re-examine the issue. Although we find that firm size has a significant impact on export propensity, we fail to find a threshold at twenty employees, as Mittelsteadt, et al., did. Our findings are more supportive of Wolff and Pett, who argue very small firms are capable of exporting. This paper concludes by considering the implications for researchers and policymakers.


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