Explorations on the Benefits of a Holistic Family Language and Literacy Program in a Latino Community

Multiple Perspectives


  • Clarisse Halpern
  • Daisy Gonzalez
  • Debra Giambo
  • Tunde Szecsi


Latino families face several challenges when they immigrate to the United States. School-based early childhood programs involving families with a holistic approach indicate effectiveness toward integrating both children and families into the school community. This paper explores, through informal conversations with administrators, teachers, and parents, their beliefs regarding the benefits of a high-quality family program. In this paper, as a consequence of assuming a holistic perspective, the authors describe prospects for academic gains, positive progress regarding social–emotional benefits, and overall improved inclusive community-related benefits for both children and their families.  Additionally, recommendations include strategies to support the challenges confronting newly immigrated Latino families. 


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