Pictures for Reflection

  • Kathy Burriss Senior Editor. Middle Tennessee State University


As children grow older, they are more cognitively mature and better able to participate in group games and team sports. Unlike younger children, older children understand and follow the rules, recognize their strengths, and focus on areas requiring practice. Older children are better able to communicate, negotiate, and compromise. As adults support children’s participation in group games and team sports, they continue to be aware, not only of age, but stages as well. Children develop differently and despite ages, some children may be more physically able, socially competent, or emotionally mature than others. Adults are watchful to ensure children can participate and develop in a safe context without fear of bullying.

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Kathy Burriss, Senior Editor. Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Kathleen Burriss is a professor in the Department of Elementary and Special Education. Dr. Burriss teaches courses in qualitative research, policy, and frames her instruction in problem-based learning. Dr. Burriss received her B.A. and M.S. in Elementary Education from the SUNY Colleges of Fredonia and Buffalo respectively. After 15 years as a kindergarten teacher, Dr. Burriss graduated from Arizona State University in 1992 with an Ed.D. in Early Childhood. Her research interests explore children’s play and outdoor physical activity.
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