Childrearing Experiences in Cross-national Families


  • Yajuan Xiang
  • Tori Colson University of Southern Indiana


Cross-national family is an understudied group. Research on this group tended to focus on the challenges confronted by the couples in marital conflicts impacted by the unique stressors within the family including: place of residence, disparate language and cultural differences, societal attitudes and extended families and friends. A relatively small proportion of the literature has focused on multicultural parenting experiences which has been recognized as a turning point for increasing conflicts within couples. Thus, this qualitative study examined 82 participants through surveys and selected interviews to understand how the unique stressors might impact their childrearing experiences. Results stated parents’ perceptions on their cross-national marriages and multicultural parenting experiences. Moreover, those unique stressors impacted parenting beliefs, practices, parent-child relationships, and received social support by bringing challenges and opportunities. Place of residence, language issues, extended families and friends were found to be cultural medium influencing multicultural parenting experiences among cross-national families.

Author Biography

  • Tori Colson, University of Southern Indiana

    Dr. Tori Colson is an assistant professor at Teacher Education Department of University of Southern Indiana