An Analysis of Smoking and Tobacco Waste Patterns at Peck Hall, Middle Tennessee State University


  • Rachael Smith
  • Crystal VanDalsem


This paper analyzes the accumulation of tobacco waste around the perimeter of Peck Hall. In spite of MTSU’s tobacco ban, a number of students continue to use tobacco-related products on campus, especially along the southeast quadrant of the periphery of Peck Hall as a result of
the placement of an unauthorized “butt bin.” This site is also used as an area for student breaks between classes, with students engaging in a variety of activities at this site. Initial research suggests, while in place, the “butt bin” significantly reduced the amount of cigarette related waste in this area specifically (6 butts), and upon removal, a dramatic increase of cigarette butts were found in this same spot (75 butts), a week after. This increase stands in contrast to the more gradual accumulation of butts found around the rest of Peck Hall.