How Has the Portrayal of Women on the Television Series Doctor WhoEvolved from 1963 to 2019?


  • Sophia Watts


This essay examines the question, “How has the portrayal of women on the television series Doctor Who evolved from 1963 to 2019?” First, the universe of Doctor Who and all its complexities are established, explaining how the show has lasted as long as it has with a revolving cast of characters. In addition, this essay defines the portrayal of a character and what that entails. This essay then delves into the lives and personalities of six major female characters on the show. They include Susan Foreman, Sarah Jane Smith, Ace, Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, and the Thirteenth Doctor. Their actions, words, and character developments are all scrutinized and examined in this essay. Eventually, it becomes apparent that the role of women in the series has evolved and expanded. Over time, they are given more chances to be independent and have storylines outside of their relationships with male characters, especially the Doctor. They make decisions for themselves and challenge the Doctor on his actions and views on the universe. Eventually, women on the show take the lead, which is made apparent by the recent casting of the show’s first female Doctor. By the end of this essay, the conclusion is reached that the role of women on Doctor Who has evolved by allowing these characters to have bigger parts and more complex backgrounds. Furthermore, women on the show can carry their own storylines and are not controlled by other characters’ decisions or relationships with them.


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