Smith, Andrew and Mark Bennet, editors. Locating Ann Radcliffe. Routledge, 2021.


  • Laurence Roussillon-Constanty


Locating Ann Radcliffe, edited by Andrew Smith and Mark Bennett, is a collective volume comprising seven articles written by various international scholars. All the articles in the volume were previously published as an issue of Women’s Writing, volume 22, issue 3 (August 2015), also entitled “Locating Ann Radcliffe” and edited by the same publisher. In the introduction to the volume, the editors (Andrew Smith, Professor of Nineteenth Century Literature at the University of Sheffield, UK, and Mark Bennett, author of a Ph. D. thesis on Ann Radcliffe, and scholar of travel writing and Victorian popular fiction) state that the volume “broadens the critical understanding of Ann Radcliffe’s work and includes explorations of the publication history of her work, her engagement with contemporary accounts of aesthetics, her travel writing, and her poetry” (1).