Vol. 2 (2017): Off Center, Issue 2, Fall 2017

A Note from the Editors:

Dear Readers,

We are so thrilled to share the second issue of Off Center with you: we received so many wonderful submissions from students, alumni, staff and faculty, and admit that choosing what to include in these pages was nearly an impossible task! In this issue, we aim to continue our mission of sharing the varied and wonderful voices of the MTSU creative community, and it is our distinct hope that we can continue to cultivate and encourage that voice as our magazine grows and develops. 

The pieces included in this issue cover a wide range of modes including poems, photographs, digital art, screen printing, short plays, paintings, a translation from Middle English, and a short story. We are also launching some unique online content this issue, including the short inspirational film “Be Brave, Be Strong,” as well as a piece of original music, “Slow Motion Observing You from a Distance.” Janice Penny, contributor of the painting “Teal,” installed a gallery wall of her pieces, which can be found on display in the Writing Center as a companion to her published piece. 

We would like to thank the MTSU community, the alumni association, The MTSU Magazine, and of course, our wonderful faculty advisors at the Writing Center for their support.  It is our distinct pleasure to work on this publication, and we hope that these pieces will serve as an inspiration to our readers and light a creative spark in you as you explore these pages. We encourage you to visit our website at www.mtsu.edu/offcenter, follow us on social media, and hope you will submit to our next issue!

With inspiration,

Hillary Yeager, Editor in Chief

Corey Cummings, Associate Editor

Published: 2017-11-10

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