Vol. 8 (2023): Off Center

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

I've always loved sunflowers.

As I'm finishing the edits for this edition of Off Center, a storm is rolling in. The tree in my backyard is blooming with bright pink flowers, but they look dull against the gray sky. I've always appreciated that no matter where they are planted, and no matter what surrounds them, sunflowers never seem to dull. Against a dark sky, they continue to shine.

I see creative minds in the same way - bright spots in a world that so often seems to forget the importance of imagination.

As creatives, our minds work in different ways. The fundamental lens that we use to view the world is unique in that we are constantly finding beauty. Even in our lowest and bleakest moments, we find
inspiration that can be transformed into art. And then, in our own distinct ways, we translate that beauty into a medium that can be experience by others.

I call this magic.

My goal for this edition of Off Center was for the magazine to be a celebration - a chance to highlight all the ways that we, as creatives, think about the world. To celebrate the small moments in which we find beauty. To represent the variety of arts and artists who where kind enough to share their work with us.

May you find the bright spots in your own life as you continue to brighten the world with your art. 

Your Editor-in-Chief, 

Sarah Hicks

Published: 2023-04-11

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