Vol. 1 (2016): Off Center, Issue 1, Fall 2016

A Note from the Founding Editors  

Dear Readers,

We are excited and honored to share the first issue of Off Center: A Writer’s Magazine for the MTSU Community with you. Our magazine started with a hopeful aspiration: We wanted to establish a publication that would have the capacity to share the voices of writers across our campus community. We thought it was important to showcase the creative work of the students and writing consultants we have encountered through the Margaret H. Ordoubadian Writing Center. They have always, and continue, to impact our lives with their brilliance. The ability to share their work with you is a dream come true for us.

In the following pages, you’ll find literacy narratives, poetry, short essays, fiction, art, perspectives on the writer-consulting process, photographs, process pieces from writers, and more. You’ll get an inside look into the creative process from some of the writers that created these amazing pieces, as well as beautiful visuals meant to inspire. We’ve also interspersed these pages with a few of our favorite sayings about writing and the writing process.

Sit back, take a look, and enjoy this first issue. And please, be inspired to create: Write a few lines, paint a glorious picture, make your mark on this world, and then, if you’re feeling generous and willing to share, submit to our next issue!

Amy Harris-Aber and Hillary Yeager

Founding Editors

Published: 2016-10-12

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