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Dye, Janet L., Western Carolina University


Edelman, Linda F., Bentley College
Editor, JSBS, Middle Tennessee State University
Editor, JSMS, Middle Tennessee State University
Editor, MTSU, Middle Tennessee State University
Efendioglu, Alev M., University of San Francisco
Ehlen, Craig, University of Southern Indiana
Ehrlich, Sanford B., San Diego State University
Elkin, Michael C., SBA Program Manager Oakland One Stop Capital Shop
Ellis, John H. M., Bournemouth University
Ellis, Seth R., University of San Diego
Englebrecht, Ted D., Louisiana Tech University
Ensley, Michael D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Eustis, Andrew C. (Sandy), Ohio Director of New Business Development New Heritage Academics
Eyler, Robert, Sonoma State University


Falbe, Cecilia McHugh, University at Albany State University of New York
Falcone, Thomas W., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Fang, Hanging (Chevy), Mississippi State University
Fasci, Martha A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Fawcett, Stanley E., Michigan State University
FelĂ­cio, Augusto, University of Lisbon
Feldman, Howard D., University of Portland
Festervand, Troy A., Middle Tennessee State University
Fiedler, Anne M., Barry University
Fields, W. Calvin, Wingate University

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